Harnessing the power of art is such an incredible way to inject colour and create a feeling of joy and connection within a space, which might otherwise feel like a bit flat when filled with neutral decor alone.

It can guide and give direction to the way you pull a space together, informing accessories and other choices within a room.

Here are some of the golden rules I return to time and time again, that can be helpful if you’re feeling daunted about how to decorate with art.


Soft, pastel abstract artwork hangs above bed in a light modern, coastal style bedroom with rattan pendant light
1. size matters

When choosing an artwork, that is. Size and scale impacts the feel of art within a space. Use painters tape (or even an old piece of cardboard cut to the same dimensions) as a way to ‘mock up’ the size of the artwork you’re considering and get an idea of how an artwork will fit within a space. It is such an easy way to visualise if it’s what you’re picturing, and also ensure there’s enough breathing space surrounding the artwork. 

 Luna Haze, Joyful lilac abstract artwork hangs in modern office, painted by Brisbane Artist Kellie Leader


2. colour palette

Art is the perfect way to inject playfulness and incorporate any favourite colours that really sing to you within your space, which can also give you a direction to make your other selections. Pick 1-2 colours to pull from your art and incorporate throughout the other areas in the room.


Pastel peach and mint abstract artwork hangs in modern boho style bedroom styled with earthy neutral decor


Selecting decor items like linen, cushions, throws and soft furnishings is one of the easiest ways to do this. Not only are these items often available in every colour imaginable, they’re also simple to switch out while also keeping the larger key pieces like lounges and furniture timeless and neutral. (Read our blog here about leveraging neutrals as a more budget friendly way to style your space).

You can also try repeating those complimentary colours through your walls: paint a feature wall/s or even adding removable wallpaper is a simple way to totally change up the mood of a space.

And of course, this concept also works in reverse - if you already have a bold statement piece of furniture, or existing accent colours within your home (or even some kick ass views you want to highlight!), select an artwork that features the same tones for instant cohesiveness. 


3. vibe check

Pick a piece you connect with. Your home is an extension of you, and creating a meaningful space that feels as such is important. Go with your gut on colours that call to you, the feeling, energy, or vibe you get from a piece - ultimately something that makes you feel happy!

Written by Kellie Leader

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