Today I’m going to share one of my best tips for making your budget go further when styling kids rooms (but really the same principle can apply when decorating any room!)

Now this might be controversial. Or it may even be something you're doing subconsciously already. But the secret for when it comes to decorating on a budget? 

Start first by incorporating neutral key pieces in a room. 

Now before all you beige aesthetic haters grab your pitchforks, let me explain (who knew such an unassuming colour could be so divisive – ‘Sad beige clothes for sad beige children’, anyone?)

When you think of all the largest items in the room, such as chairs, rugs, wallpaper and furniture - they generally are also the biggest cost outlay when decorating a room too. By being purposeful in selecting neutral key items, you're investing in items that will provide longevity, that can grow and adapt with your child and items that will last them years, not seasons. 

Neutral kids room and nursery styling

Image (right) features our 'Summer Lovin' - Teddy' and 'Get Salty' Art Prints from our Boho Beach collection. 

Watch how this kids room transforms with a few little updates of the decor pieces — note the key items — the rug, the wallpaper, and the ottoman all remain the same but with a few small tweaks, we’ve switched this nursery into a beachy inspired toddler space ready to move from a cot to a bed. As he continues to grow, the room can be updated again to reflect his interests or incorporate fresh colour accents by simply changing the accessories (such as throw pillows, curtains, and wall art) without having to replace the key furniture pieces.


This post also features products from fellow Australian small biz brands we love:

'Wild as the Sea' Cushion: The Bahan Collective
Taupe Ottoman: Hunter & Nomad
Vegan Leather Flag Bunting: Henlee 
Quilted blanket: Selah & Stone
Palm tee: Bam Loves Boo


Written by Kellie Leader

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