In our last blog post, we discussed the seemingly unassuming yet currently divisive trend of neutral interiors and how they can be a more affordable way to decorate. As big fans of the 'splurge and save' approach to interior decorating, today we’re sharing another great tip for achieving a beautiful space for less.

Recently, some of my Instagram followers let me know in a poll that they were new to the world of printables (aka downloadable art) and weren’t really sure where to start. So - behold, here's our crash course in printables and the benefits to decorating with them!


Golden palm rustic drawn artwork styled on a bedside table with a rattan pendant light and boho decor
Image (top) features our 'Golden Palm' printable artwork in a coastal boho style bedroom

What are Printables?

Printables, or downloadable art prints are digital designs you can find available online. They're known for being a cheap and cheerful art option  a low-cost alternative to brighten your space which can quickly and easily be changed whenever you like.

Technically they can be printed at home, for a few extra dollars we recommend outsourcing a local printer for a more luxe result. Luckily the availability of click and collect services at department store print labs (think Officeworks & Kmart) make this process super convenient (Aussies, check out my tips on these services at the end.)

You can even find some picture framers that offer high-quality custom printing on-site. For an ultra luxe finish, ask for premium, heavier weight paper stocks that are described as textured, matte and/or uncoated where possible (avoid descriptions that use words like gloss and satin which have a finish more akin to a printed photo) – of course it all comes down to the look you're trying to achieve.


Kids playroom decorated in earthy, neutral colours with small child playing and 'let's play' artwork hangs on the wall
A sweet playroom featuring our 'Let's play' floral printable artwork 


Why Printables? 

Printables are an affordable, quick and flexible way to decorate, with an abundance of different styles and themes available, making them an affordable option for those who want to decorate their home on a budget.

Since you’re purchasing a digital file only, you’re eliminating the production costs involved with both the high end archival paper stock and inks of traditional art prints.

They are often feature simpler designs, meaning both the time involved for the artist to create them is much less and thus can be offered at a lower cost, and they're more adaptable to the types of colour and output fluctuations that can occur between different printers.  


Eat, sleep, Trains, Repeat childrens train artwork hangs in Childs room while a small child plays with a toy train track
'Eat, sleep, trains, repeat' our Printable kids art for tiny train enthusiasts

How do you use Printables?

  1. Choose your artwork: The first step is to choose the printable you want to use. Browse through the internet and find a printable that matches your style and fits your space. (You can shop our range here.)
  2. Download: Order and download your new printable somewhere safe on your computer. (Ours arrive via email link within a few minutes of ordering)
  3. Print: After downloading, print the printable using your home printer or send it to a local print shop (many have online ordering now!). Choose the paper type and size that suits your needs.
  4. Frame and display: Once printed, you can frame the printable and display it in your fresh new space!

    In conclusion, downloadable art printables offer a great way to decorate your home on a budget. They are an affordable and flexible option, making them an excellent option for those who want to add some personality and style to their living space, making it easy to switch things up again whenever you feel like a change. 


    My tips for Australian print services

    For my Australian friends, I have personally tested and ordered from Officeworks during my printable research – who offer poster printing in the standard Australian 'A paper' (A4, A3 etc) format using their 160gsm coated paper option and I found it to be a very straightforward process.

    Another option is poster printing through Kmart, however they only offer the standard 'A sizes' for prints A3 and up. Meaning if you only want your printable in an A4 size, you would have to pick their print option with dimensions next up from A4, but since the ratios will be different you will potentially lose some more of the print behind a mat board. Also, currently they only offer a gloss paper option.

    (Please note this info is intended to be general guide only based on my own experience - I cannot make any guarantees regarding the quality, processes or output of these services)


    Written by Kellie Leader

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