When you're an artist that lives in a country like Australia, it's almost impossible not to be inspired by our stunning coastlines and have an insatiable need to surround yourself with art and spaces that capture a little bit of that magic. You only have to take one look at our own collection of wall art prints to see our obvious soft spot for coastal style.

More specifically, that particular laid back luxe type of modern Australian coastal, the sweet spot somewhere between boho and contemporary style. Light and bright spaces with warmth and texture added through neutral, organic elements such as timber accents, natural stones and textural fabrics.


Native coastal banksia wall art prints above a rustic wooden buffet styled with white decor
Image (top) features our Coastal Banksia I & Coastal Banksia III art prints.
Here's our tips creating an Australian coastal feel in your home:
1. colour palette

Light and bright spaces, with plenty of crisp whites and soft, earthy neutrals acting as a base to build upon. Also consider incorporating calming tones like muted green and blue accents through your decor selections.

Coastal palm tree artwork in a bright bedroom styled with soft green decor accents
Image (top) features our Island Life palm art print.
2. texture

With a such simple colour palette, the key to creating an inviting space that still provides plenty of visual interest is through layering textures.

Choose luxe, organic fabrics like linens and woven materials like seagrass or rattan throughout your items like pendants, wall hangings or baskets. Think furniture and accents featuring rustic and natural timbers, with VJ panelling also a popular way to create a chic feel while adding some visual contrast. 


Children's coastal themed room with surfboard and palm tree art styled upon a white cabinet against blue wave wallpaper
Image features our Get Salty surfboard and Summer Lovin' - 'Island' art prints.
3. wall art

Unsurprisingly, creating a coastal feel through your wall art selections is one of our very favourite ways to finish off this look.

Choose art by theme: some of the more obvious choices are scenes featuring waves, coastlines and beaches but artworks with greenery like palm fronds and even muted native flora also work beautifully to capture that sense of coastal serenity.

Choose art by colour: Artwork featuring colour palettes inspired by coastal landscapes, calming soft greens, blues, and earthy neutrals.

And don't forget the kids rooms! Peace signs, surf boards, and beach inspired artworks all make for a fun and whimsical way to carry the coastal theme throughout your house. 

You can also create a gallery wall using some of your favourite family memories, try light timber or oak style frames and a black and white theme for your photos to keep in with the minimalist coastal vibe.

So there you have it, some quick tips for creating a whole lot of beachy, modern coastal abode goodness!

Kellie x



Written by Kellie Leader

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